Saturday, January 28, 2012

CHD Awareness Week, Pintrest and creating HOPE

CHD Awareness Week is coming up...please, help spread awareness!

Here is a great way you can participate in spreading awareness in memory of Gwen.

1. Go to your Pinterest account (if you have one) and "repin" Gwen's story found on the special Pinterest board "Faces of CHD - Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week Feb 7-12, 2012." If you are not a Pintrest user, you can still visit this page and learn more about CHDs.

2. Take a moment to view the board and repin the stories that touch your heart and/or if you have a facebook account, link to this board.

Thank you in advance for your support - thank you to CHD moms, Ruth, Stephanie and Becca  for their efforts in creating this board.

(How to participate with your CHD story is here.)

While reading the stories (it really won't take much time) you can also see just why I'm celebrating the news that HB 399 for pulse oximetry screening (pulse ox) passed in Virginia with a unanimous vote this week. A "pulse ox" screen is a simple test all newborns should have (and now will have in Virginia). It can help detect some severe CHDs that go undiagnosed.

Read the Pintrest stories here and on my own personal Pintrest page and you will see why this pulse ox test is so important...believe me, severe CHD's can go undetected in newborns.

Oh, and here's my personal Pinterest board for CHD week, I tried to pin mostly stories about CHD's that would have been caught by pulse ox screening in honor of Virginia's recent vote. (Note: this board is work in progress...if I ever get back to it, I'm not really online much these days nor a big "Pintrester" - most everything on this board is from the the Faces of CHD Pintrest board I linked to if you "pin" anything, I'd pin from that board rather than's the official awareness board :)  )

Awareness matters. Thank you for helping spread the word about CHD's!

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