Monday, January 12, 2015

An Article Worth Sharing

Thank you Myers sharing, you found gold. Now I'm with you tonight..., I thought I could read it and keep a straight face so to speak ...but always I know, it's okay, because this is love, I feel this way be caused of love...and in some weird way I'm glad I can still crash this hard. We loved them. This is for the many people I know who are missing a loved one that was a big part of their life...It's an excellent article - spot on!

"She was just very sad, consumed by sorrow, but not because she was grieving incorrectly. The depth of her sadness was simply a measure of the love she had for her daughter.

.. To do so  [achieve closure] would be to lose a piece of a sacred bond.

I often tell them that the size of their grief corresponds to the depth of their love....

 Sadness, regret, confusion, yearning and all the experiences of grief become part of the narrative of love for the one who died."


And I know that by allowing that reality to be as it is, then I'm able to be with it rather than fight it...and it has less power to consume my soul in darkness and take me down completly.

So so so has been in my head that I want to write about grief...but there just isn't time...

But this article is a lot of what I've bee wanting to shout from the roof tops... Grief is horrible but it's human, it's a form of love -- it's deep sadness not depression... 

And no. I will neverbe able to make peace with the 20 / 20 hind sight and that too, does not mean I've failed to grieve right. The list is long...of real actions I could have done... and I'm not torquing myself with it. I'm living with it all --- the narrative. Because it's real and true and her story.

And this grief won't really change -- but  that's okay. I am familiar and friendly with it now. It's part of my daily existence and it is far less likely to exhaust me and crush me only because I'm more accepting of all aspects and wise to its ways. 

And always I know and remind myself -- it's because of love.

Ten years loom and as always seems to be the case, I find myself struggling the most in the days ahead of the anniversary  - be it her birt...