Monday, January 18, 2010

Plans Fall into Place - Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Here we Come!

Well, it looks like, God willing - Gwenyth will be born in Philadelphia. After some research Myers and I both felt led to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. From here, this looks like a solid, good plan. CHOP is in network with our insurance, Myers' company will let him work remotely, and after much thought, we decided it was in our best interest to plan to rent something with a month to month lease. We found a great, furnished apartment - 10 mins from the Hospital.

Our plan is to move up there in early March. I think they want me there at 35 weeks - and we realized that this is good for Lillian and us; she can get used to the temporary home before Mommy and Daddy spend many hours at the Hospital and she is taken care of by Grammy and Aunts.

Once Gwen is born, Myers and I will stay at the Ronald Mc Donald house and my mom will take over the apartment, and Lillian will most likely sleep there most of the time. My mom and Lil can be at the RMD house all day long, Lil can nap there in our room, and my mom and Becca or Nelly (the "helper Aunts") can have the evening meal there too (volunteers prepare a meal every night for the families who are staying there).

So many details have worked out so, well. We are blessed in this "cocoon" of know we can go to CHOP and it's "in network" with our insurance, to know we have a place to live in Philly, to know the Ronald McDonald House is there for Lillian and all of us...and the many other big and little details that have fallen into place, it is apparent we are in God's hand.

About the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia:

The Fetal Heart Program at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia specializes in the detection, evaluation and management of congenital heart disease prior to a baby's birth.

We perform more than 2,000 echocardiographic studies annually, making us one of the largest fetal heart programs in the U.S.

Heart disease is the most common congenital condition affecting newborns; it is also one of the most complex. You can rely on the training and expertise of the Fetal Heart team to provide an accurate diagnosis and detailed treatment recommendations.

Our offerings include:
  • Expert evaluation and diagnosis of fetal heart anomalies
  • Planning for delivery
  • Delivery in the Special Delivery Unit, a first-of-its-kind birthing center exclusively for pregnant women carrying babies with a known birth defect
  • Complete care of your newborn after birth
  • Access to the full Cardicac Center team and the most advanced treatments available
  • Outcomes that are among the best in the world
  • A wealth of support to help your family manage and celebrate the arrival of its newest member.
Ranked #2 In the Nation for Peadriatric Heart Surgery



  1. Thanks so much for setting up this blog! Please, please, please contact us if you need ANYTHING. We are willing to come and help day or night! We can't wait to see you again!

  2. I am just reading this for the first time.... CHOP is great and they do wonderful work. If only our babies were part of the lucky ones!!


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