Saturday, April 3, 2010

What we are doing this weekend

Gwenyth and Laura are getting a nap right now.  Gwen has started nursing, twice each of the last two days.  She is getting ~20mL each time she nurses, that's about half of what she needs.  It's the biggest struggle of the day, very frustrating for both Laura and Gwen.  For example the last time she ate, we started trying to nurse her at 12:10 and finally she ate at 1:22.  We weigh her before and after she nurses, and then feed the rest of what the nutritionists have decided is the right amount for her.  The hope is as she gets bigger she will have more stamina (and we will have learned her hunger signs) then she will get her full feed from nursing.

Our family continues to be spilt into three parts, Laura and Gwen at the hospital, Lillian at the apartment, Myers at RMDH.  I can't wait until we are all under one roof again.  We are so lucky to have Jackie and Becca here to help us.  Bob and Nelly and their dog Linda and Bill are visiting for Easter weekend.

Depending on when our next outpatient doctor's visit is we hope to travel back to Harrisonburg next Sunday. We will see how it goes. Gwen has been doing so well I can't imagine we'll be feeling like we need to be near the hospital.

Pray that we

  • continue making progress on nursing with Gwen
  • make the move out of the hospital and RMDH and into the apartment
  • handle all the logistics of having a new born at home along with all the other details of daily life


  1. So encouraged to hear that you all are feeling good about coming back to the burg! I can't wait to see sweet little Gwen and to know that you're all back here under one roof. I just know that Gwen will be able to nurse and that each day it will get a little easier. They learn SO fast at that age. Thanks for the updates, still praying for you!

  2. Every day a bit better news, I'm so happy to hear she's nursing. It will help her so much, especially with the way heart babies just seem to be more prone to illness in that first year. Keep it up, she'll get it. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter Weekend and are able to easily plan for the next week or two. Some encouragement: The anniversary of Gabe's first surgery is tomorrow, 9 years and unstoppable. These truncus babies are STRONG!

    Becca C.

  3. Yeah! I am going to make plans to come help out for a few days once you get home. I cannot wait to meet Gwen.

  4. Praise God that your struggle has now evolved to something as "normal" as nursing!!! Perspective always helps, eh? Praise the Lord, she's nursing even a little. May God continue to keep that little one maturing steadily in His hands, growing and healing more every day. God is good, so good!

  5. So glad that she's able to begin nursing. It can take a while, but once they get the hang of it, it gets much, much easier. Hopefully it will for Gwen soon. :-)

    Looking forward to a possible visit next week!

    Holding you all up in our prayers.

  6. Hey, she's getting infinitely more from nursing than she was only a few days ago! At this rate, she'll be draining you dry in no time. :)

  7. What a wonderful Easter :) Hope you guys had an encouraging day today as well!

    Laura, give me a call when you get a chance. I want to talk to you about your arrival home :)


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