Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sky-Full of Faith

Baby loss. Child loss. Only those who have stepped into this place, know. It is the worst way and "place" to meet others, because you never want anyone to feel this...

This post is in honor of all the (now) perfectly healed hearts and bodies of all CHD babies and other babies and children who are no longer under their parents loving care here... and for their all their loved ones who notice them gone, here... and who are banking everything on the promise of the "foreverness of our hearts..."

Only a Healed Heart Knows…

…why life puts love and pain together
and why some things in life fall
so far short of forever

It may take a sky-full of faith
and every prayer you can pray
to turn rivers of tears
into a healing rain

But like the rose
on a spring morning
may time show you one-day-when
that a healed heart knows
how to unfold to the light again

-- Terah Cox


More Than a Memory

You were here just a moment ago,
But that moment has flown away
And gone is all we planned to do
all we could still share and say

But we know with all our hearts
that your soul song still goes on
So we pray you find the sweetest night
and the longest, brightest dawn

And may you go as a feather goes
when the wind blows every which way
where cool, rushing water flows
when the river rushes away

May you rise up like the morning dew
so soon after it falls
and fly on the wings of tomorrow
as a new day gloriously calls

And may you be as an echo of fullness
though emptiness has filled it,
the breathless overtone of a melody
after silence has stilled it

And someday when time reveals
what only love can explain
and memory's precious tears
become a healing rain --

May we know what you must now
that truly, nothing dies
when it can live on as the light
of a smile in loving eyes --

And if we can be together
in the forever of our hearts,
however far away you seem
we'll never really be apart

-- Terah Cox


Come Holy Spirit, Creator Blest (Veni, Creator Spiritus)
Come, Holy Spirit, Creator blest,
and in our souls take up Thy rest;
come with Thy grace and heavenly aid
to fill the hearts which Thou hast made.
O comforter, to Thee we cry,
O heavenly gift of God Most High,
O fount of life and fire of love,
and sweet anointing from above.
- Gregorian chant hymn

Dedicated to all the children who left, like Gwenyth.

All now have healed hearts and healed

Healed and whole, but not the way we dreamed or wanted, wished, or prayed.

Lord, we are so humbled by their presence in our life, so shattered by their loss.

Help us, with the heartache that is now ours, that lives strong with each golden memory held so tight. Fill our Empty arms with Grace. Somehow. Please. Help our hearts to still know their love. Help us to remember their blessing to us as constant and eternal, even as their moment here with us has passed.
May we feel ourselves walking to them as we walk away from them, here.

"It may take a sky-full of faith
and every prayer you can pray


  1. That Gregorian chant is gorgeous... Where in the world did you find it? Is there a recording somewhere? I'd love the hear the melody... Simply beautiful.


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