Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Beautiful Honor - Who Marie was and My Dream for Gwen.

Marie and Gwen connected me to an old friend from high school. We were only in touch very loosly through a common friend over the years. We knew we were both there but hadn't actually communicated in a long time. The other day she "friended" me on facebook without "saying" a word - she just "friended" me out of the blue. I felt her love, support and care and appreciated her taking the leap across distance and time to lend her heart. It did lift my spirit, it did bring comfort.

Today, through this new-old connection something beautiful is being done for my Gwen and sweet Marie.

I'm sharing part of our written conversation so I don't have to retype

Me to my friend:
"She [Marie] learned to surf while spending time in Brazil a few years back. I thought of you when I would talk with her about it. There must be something about people who surf and free and wild spirits - I always think of you that way and Marie was totally that "

She responded:
"Marie sounded full of life and I am sure if I ever met her we would have been great friends.
In surfing when someone passes we all gather and paddle out into the ocean, form a circle, put leis in the water to represent who has passed, hold hands and pray. My friends and I are planning on going out this Sat with 2 leis one for Marie and one for Gwen. "

My reply:
"That is SO awesome. I can't wait to share that with Myers and our families!!! That is so beautiful in so, so many ways - just the ceremony itself and the fact that I haven't talked to you in years and you pulled total strangers into doing something in their honor - wow - I love this....what you all are going to do!

I honestly had always hoped and envisioned my Gwen as a free spirit - tough, out-doorsy and maybe artsy - maybe a mountain climber or a surfer - and especially with her heart issue, she was going to keep amazing the doctors- I just had in my heart that even as her given name was so soft and lovely, Gwenyth - that her everyday name, Gwen - was who she was going to be. Maybe not. But that is what my heart told me. So your honor is so perfect - you honor my dream for Gwen and you honor my wild, crazy, fun awesome sister."


As today they will be honored, here are some photos I thought I'd share.
Its always nice to have a face to a name:

Marie swimming at Tate

Marie with her oldest brother Myers, June 2001, Tate

Marie with Lillian August 2008

Marie with Lillian, July 2009

Marie (bottom right) and Family at the Tate House
(Marie would want you to laugh)

Marie with her nieces Lily-Kate and Charlotte
Summer 2009 at Tate


Our Gwenyth, May 12, 2010


Thank You, dear Lord, for these moments you gave us.
Thank You.


Thank you for the love of family, friends and people I've never met.

Thank you Chrissea and those who honor Marie and Gwen today.
It is a beautiful honor.
It is lovely in my mind to see.

Thank you to everyone who is there for us - I read your words, I feel your care.
My aching heart has no choice but to feel this Love,
this amazing, breathtaking outpouring of Love,
and feel a bit eased and soothed.

Thank you. To see God's Love as it is magnified through each of you.
It is astounding.

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  2. Laura that is such a lovely thing your friend is doing. Thanks for sharing it and thanks for sharing more about who Marie was. Seems like she was such a fun and loving Aunt...and I'm sure she and Gwen are just adoring each other right now.

  3. Laura & Myers - it was so good to see you, even briefly, up on Signal Mt. on Wednesday night. I check the website everyday and read every post. Dan and I will continue to keep you in our prayers. May the Lord pour out His peace upon you, a peace that passes ALL understanding.

  4. Marie looks like someone who could light up a room. What a kind tribute from your friend.

    We've been thinking of you while you've been away and we're looking forward to your return.


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