Friday, May 14, 2010

Myers just called me so that I can pass on what is happening right now.

Gwen has been spitting up a little more the past few days, but this morning, her spit up was yellow. This prompted Myers and Laura to called the pediatrician and from the doctor's office, they were sent to RMH, the local hospital. There, they put Gwen on several machines, most of which look pretty normal. However, her blood pressure is 100ish/38 (sorry, Myers was trying to tell me as much as possible in as little time as possible) which means her heart is working too hard and is a sign of possible heart failure. They are waiting on a helicopter to airlift her to the UVA hospital.

I'm assuming that things are super crazy for them right now and that they will call me so I can blog any further news. I will do it as soon as possible.


  1. You guys are loved......and prayed-for. Gwen is God's, and we'll continue lifting her back up to Him for healing and for peace for you two.

  2. Lots of prayers going out to Gwen and you guys. I'll pray that it's not heart failure and something much more simple.

    Becca Chester

  3. Oh my goodness. We'll pray for her--thank you for letting us know, and please keep us updated.

  4. Myers and Laura, Please know you are loved in this world of CHD. And beautiful Gwenyth serves a purpose much highter than our own. We are sincerely devastated by our earthly loss. Praise be to God in Heaven, who dictates these beautiful babies for His good. We are sharing your earthly questions for our suffering here. Gwen is in the Light that is above our earthly issues. May she be with us and lead us to a peaceful undersatanding of His love. Mourning the loss of what we know and sending what is left of our earthly hearts out to you, The Niessners Beth & Marty

  5. Dia Myers, Mipela sori tru na bel bilong mipela bruk long harim olsem liklik Gwenyth wantaim Marie kisim bagarap. Mipela sori tru. Its hard to beleive that both have left. We don't know what to say at this time like this. Please know that we will be with you in prayer. Our love and heart is with you and be assured of our prayers.

    We love you and thinking of you.

    Steven, Elizabeth, Dawn, Karol, sam and Sonya Thomas


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