Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"always, forever and ever" - Lil


To come full circle.

One of my favorite books, back when I actually used to read is, Brothers Karamazov. I read this for a college literature class titled something like “Evil in Literature” - we studied theodicies, literature that wrangles with the “question” of “why a loving God would allow evil in the world...”

While hoping to find just the “right” thing say today, to lead into Gwen’s birthday tomorrow, while thinking just how to “present” my post to honor her birthday, I found myself full circle, back to Karamazov. In a random sort of fashion I stumbled upon something that is perfect. Here it is, word for word what I’ve come to know this year:

“He who desires to see the Living God face to face should seek him not in the empty firmament of his mind but in human Love.”

Dostoevski quotation from the Brothers Karamazov


I’ll leave that for there for now... Tomorrow I’ll put my full ramble. But that says it all. It’s both a observation of our life in the recent years as well as a challenge to me and to everyone I know.

It says it all. Gwenyth's life is about that.

Sweet Lillian, last year. So excited to be in Philly:

Sweet Lillian just the other excited to be the one who gets to remember Gwenyth;


  1. We love you. Thank you for sharing such beautiful and precious videos of Lil.

  2. Gwen has been on my mind constantly this month. This day has been changed from a trivial holiday to Gwen's birthday. Her short journey touched so many people in so many ways and taught us all, in different ways, about hope and love and the importance of every "today." I pray for your family and the continued vividness of all your beautiful memories. Thank you for the blessed opportunity to share in this special day with all of you last year. You have such a special place in my heart and I have learned so much about strength and fortitude and love from you, Laura and Myers(and Lil too!).


  3. I'll be thinking of you and your family as you remember Gwen on her first birthday.


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