Monday, March 28, 2011

Jamie and Poppy...

While staying in the Ronald McDonald house - more specifically, while eating dinner there, I met two families.

Of one family, I only met the mother actually - her husband had to work during the week so it was all be on point and stay at the RMH. Her baby girls plight - it has never left my mind. I plan to try to track her down, and am kicking myself for not getting her contact info before I left. Her baby was not a "heart-baby" but was born with a life-threatening developmental problem and I just want to know how she is doing... and for her sake and all the stories I know, including ours -I feel compelled to stress again - healthy pregnancies, healthy babies, please don't take a them for granted.

The other family was from England. They traveled with a small group of families seeking revolutionary treatment at CHOP. Their children had a form of cancer that was taking their lives. This family that we got to know a little, had a baby named Poppy and a little boy named Jamie. It was Jamie, the sweetest little boy, with a big smile and sparkling blue eyes...who's life was on the line. I left without getting any contact info so I could keep up with them.

At last, however, I sat down and got cracking, determined to somehow get the Internet to lead me to them.

I found out, of course, after I dug them up on the internet - that a close "heart mom" friend has their blog linked to her even as I found it first by my own search I could have found it any time I wanted by actually looking more closely at my friends page. But, regardless their blog stopped being updated it didn't offer the good news I wanted.

Thankfully - with a daughter named "Poppy" and some other search words thrown in - well, I have my answer to this little boy and his family that I often think of; my answer to "please, God, let him be okay"

His story as of April 2, 2010:

"A FOUR-year-old boy desperately battling a virulent form of cancer is in the United States and on radiotherapy."

And January 1, 2011:
"The treatment has so far proved successful and, Jamie, who has a 17-month-old sister, Poppy, is officially cancer-free."

Some things are right with the world. Oh thank God!


  1. Oh hooray! I loved them so much! I was so happy they let me hold Poppy.

  2. I know :). I knew you'd like this post Becca!! Poppy and Jamie were so sweet and their parents too! I just eat up this good news!!!

  3. What a lovely, hopeful story. Thanks for sharing Jamie and Poppy with us. Thank God for CHOP.


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