Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sister's By Heart

I can't get the time that I want to be post here what I want to...but please for now, spend a moment seeing what my lovely "Heart-Sister's" are blogging about.

There is a video of Travis here, whom so recently lost his battle with CHD and left his family full of so many adorable and sweet memories but also, so much heart-break. There is a feature on "Bummer Bears" as well as Gwen's dear "angel" friend Mia's, "Heart Charms" (I love my Mia Marrone Heart Charm - Lillian thought it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen).

Also, here you can read about a documentary on CHD that is finally released for purchase (I can't wait to buy it and see it). And while we're speaking of videos, I also hope to one day watch, Something the Lord Made. But I suppose it will be a while till I can actually watch either of those, since well, my own little "movies" still play in my head any pretty much any second I don't have something occupying my mind.

Sister's By Heart blogspot 


  1. When Silas is bigger, I want to get him the mended heart bear. I've been contemplating and struggling with how and when he'll be ready to learn about Gwen and babies like her. It seems like that sort of thing might help. I wish some of the proceeds went to CHD, though.

    I never told you this, but I was going to embroider a mended heart on Gwen's monkey....but I was in a rush to send it, so I didn't. I also thought you might think that was weird...

  2. Alisha - that is really sweet. Thank you for wanting to share Gwen' that Lillian isn't the only one who carries this knowledge in her head (that some kids have heart surgery).

    And, hmmmmm (I hadn't honestly been to the bummer bear site yet) and that is too bad... it would be great if they donated some of their proceeds to something related to hospital kids...even if it was just a general fun. Too bad.

    And, you know what - I'd LOVE to have that embroided on Gwen's monkey - can I ask you for that still, can it be added somehow? (and please know, there is a lifetime time-line, so no hurry, well, I hope...and as far as I know, we've got time :) ). I was just looking at a photo of Dr. Sock Monkey and Gwen at CHOP the other day. He is SO special to me. With a "mended heart" would be always so clear, who's monkey it is.

    Smiles and huggles to Silas - I get happy thinking about him!

  3. oh, yes, it would be very easy to add the heart now. It was going to be the very last step. Just give him back to me or JC text time one of us sees you and I'll do it.

  4. Laurie -- I'm the founder of Bummer Bears (and grew up with CHD and had open heart surgery in 2005) and we ARE working to do just what you mentioned -- donating some of our proceeds to CHD causes -- starting this Fall 2011 for every Mended Heart Bummer Bear sold on our website.
    --Jenny Robbins, Founder & Den Mother, Bummer Bears


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