Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Great Day

Gwen seemed happy today. She had an echo-cardiogram which they said showed her heart to be in great condition. As expected the muscles around the lower chambers of her heart are "thick" and the doctor's expect this to change over the next 6 months.
She's getting her feeds over 90 minutes now, down from over 2 hours. She handled it quite well. I think they'll go to 1 hour feed tomorrow.

She's down to 1/4 L of O₂ now.  The nurse was going to take her off completely tonight to see if that would work. 

The CPR class was scary, but informative.

Laura is very tired after spending two nights in the room with Gwen.  In between baby crying because of her wet diaper, feed pumps playing a loud alarm when they are done, loud neighbors and nurses coming in to check vitals it's very hard to sleep there.  We are together at the RMDH. 

We look forward to being at home with our two girls.


  1. It sounds like you'll be home soon! We're so happy for you guys and Gwen. She's really come through like a champ. Your updates have been wonderful; I appreciate the looking glass you've provided to me and my husband for . We'll be in Philly 2 weeks from tonight to start our journey. I hope and pray our little Zoe is as strong as Gwenyth! Big hugs.


  2. Yay for another good report! Praise God! Hospitals are awful places to try to get any sleep. Hopefully Gwen will get to go home soon and you can all catch up on much needed rest in your own home.


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