Wednesday, March 24, 2010

O₂ now in the low 90's; She's getting some milk!

This morning Gwen's O₂ is now in the low 90's. She's been moved to "high flow", which is still something over her nose, but more comfortable for her. The nurse described the last thing she was on as like having a hair dryer up her nose.

We thawed some breast milk and she is getting over a feeding tube that goes directly to her stomach.


  1. Wonderful! An answer to prayer for sure :)

  2. Dear Myers and Laura - just figured out how to comment! have prayed and jumped up eagerly each day to read about Gwenyth's progress!!!!! All of the Jackson Carpenters are so very thankful for her life, and for the wonderful example of faith that you have shown! We are so involved with her from afar! Please know how much we LOVE and support you! God Bless! (hope you get this!) Much love to all! leslie

  3. Myers and Laura, So glad Gwenyth's O2 is rising. Great photo. I love her fingers daintily against her cheek.


  4. YIIPPPEEEE! We are on our way!!! Love to all!


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