Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Borderline" - A Result We Didn't Expect

Having not really thought about it, nor having been told that the first test they send out could show the lung maturity to be "borderline" we were a bit taken aback to hear that news today. However, I suppose it makes sense that there has to be some grey area when testing for such a specific and important detail. At least we know her lungs are not underdeveloped - so that is good news (no steroids needed). Now we wait for the second test which involves the Amnio being sent to Utah. Crazy huh?

To explain more clearly, two tests are done for lung maturity. The first test is done fairly quickly and if it is positive then they don't need to bother with the second test. So, in Gwen's case, they will be sending in the second test since the first one only reported a "borderline" result.

So, we are now told that "realistically" it will be Tuesday before results are in, which means Tuesday night would be the start of the induction, IF the results are postive. Perhaps she will be honoring her Irish heritage on my "Sammon" side of the family and be a St. Patrick's Day baby (Bob, you may have called it)!

If they cannot be sure her lungs are ready, then Thursday is the day, 37 weeks is the magic number, somehow they are sure her lungs will be "done" by then.

This whole thing is just crazy.


  1. I'm sure the waiting is difficult. We're thinking of you all.


  2. That's amazing that they now those 2 extra days will ensure fully developed lungs. If you have to wait till Thursday think of those 2 days as a gift of extra time with Lil before she has to compete for time with Gwen. Love and prayers to you, and some extra hugs from noah to lillian!

  3. Thinking of you as you await precious Gwenyth's arrival. {{HUG}}

    I meant to pass this along earlier, but this is a message board full of other heart moms. They are really a great group of supportive moms and dads, and I'm sure among them you might even find those that have a walked a similar path with their heart baby.

  4. Oh, and here's a group with parents of kids of Truncus Arteriosus:

  5. Ooo, I think I'll cross my fingers for the Saint Paddy's Day date ;) If it's all the same to you, mom!


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