Sunday, March 28, 2010

BIG NEWS for Gwen - She has a NEW ADDRESS!

Gwen is still on a small dose of diuretic, 1 liter of o2 and a feeding tube with plans to be evaluated tomorrow to see if she can take food through her mouth. In the meantime they are over-flowing in the CICU (Cardiatic Intensive Care Unit). These details combined means she GRADUATED to the "step-down unit" known as the "Cardiac Care Unit"! Hooray for Gwenyth - she is on a excellent path towards going home to enjoy Springtime in the Shenandoah Valley!

So....what is the Cardiac Care Unit/Step Down Unit? It is her own room, just down the hall from CICU. She shares a nurse with three other babies and Mommy and Daddy take over much of the care and go through all kinds of education so we know how to care for her at HOME (infant CPR and other details). One of us is allowed to and encouraged to stay with her over night (there is a futon like bed).

It is quiet in this room, spacious with a little bit of a view of Center City, Philadelphia. It is so calm in here, nothing beeping or otherwise making noise (except when Lillian is here). We are all decompressing and adjusting to such the stillness and quietness. It feels strange - but good so wonderful to be here in this room because we know it means Gwenyth is closer to going home.

She's been checked out by a resident and a a fellow and both docs say she looks excellent. Gwen is doing well, very well.

Myers is enjoying being with her as her wide eyes take in the world - we love when she takes a break from sleeping to look around. We marvel at her and how well she is after a week and three days since some major surgery ("as big as it gets" according to Dr. Spray).

Thank you God for my sweet, healthy, healing baby girl!


  1. *tears in my eyes*

    Praise God. Thanks be to Him for His unspeakable gifts. What a blessing this post was to me :) I'm so happy for you guys to be slowly, but surely approaching the beautiful, new normal of life with Gwenyth!

  2. That is wonderful news! Such a big step and it helps to be able to have some privacy in a room instead of ICU! I'm so happy to hear she's doing so well and getting much closer to going home. Laura, I don't know you well but I love reading your blog and feel like I know you so well. Can't wait to meet baby Gwen!

    Becca Chester

  3. Oh, so thrilled and thankful. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. I told my family and we all cheered while I cried. Audrey says, "Yay for Gwenyth!" Continuing to pray...

  4. Yay! We've been tracking along with every step. I can't wait to meet her, Lily Kate's going to be thrilled. She prayed for her tonight with no prompting (this has become normal), "thanks God for fixing our baby Gwen's heart, and please make her healthy" Precious. Praise God!

  5. Amazing...I'm feeling excited and definitely hopeful to see you all sooner than we thought we would. Pictures are great but we want to see her FOR REAL.
    We passed by your house today and Rose said, "Oh! Myers and Laurie and Lillian and Gwenyth will be so excited to see their trees blooming pink flowers!" We hope that will be the case but of course we want you to stay there as long as it takes to get her as strong as possible and for the 2 of you to learns the ins and outs of caring for her special needs.
    Tell Lillian that Rose and Gabe say hi and always ask about her.
    We love you all so very much and we are still praying for you and sweet Gwen.

  6. So glad for you guys!!

    The BonBons

  7. Wow, it is so incredible to see how far she has come in such a short time! It's been such a blessing to read the blog and see God's hand in her little life. Praise to God! Hopefully less beeping will mean more sleeping, and even more progress. Keeping her and you all in our continued thoughts and prayers.

  8. We are so, so, so happy for you guys. Gwen is beautiful and such a strong little princess. Transfer to the step down unit is great news. Praying for continued and fast healing. I'm sure Dr. Spray is proud of Gwen too! Keep up the good work!

  9. Oh Laura! Yayayayayay Baby Gwen! I have tears in my eyes too, I'm so happy for you. What a victory - rejoicing in how far sweet little Gwen has come...and continuing to pray of course.


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