Friday, March 19, 2010

Repair now done

Our CICU nurse just called and told us the repair work is done.  Gwen was cooled down to slow her blood flow, and she's now being warmed up.  She's still on a heart/lung bypass, and will be until they give her an echocardiogram.  If they kept her native valve, it's possible they might decide after seeing the echo that they will have to reopen her heart to replace it.

The hope was that since she was having 2x to 3x the blood flow through that valve that once they put in the pulmonary artery the valve will still be leaky and narrow, but acceptably so.  If she can keep her native valve there a better chance they can push off the next surgery until she's large enough to have more options.  Her only option for a replacement now is a donor valve (or homograph), but if her heart was larger she could use artificial valve, which won't wear out, but will require blood thinners.  She is already getting a homograph for the pulmonary artery.

UPDATE:  Our CICU nurse just visit us in person.  They were unable to repair her native valve, so she has a double homograph.  This may mean that she will need surgery in the next year, as opposed to two or three years (which would be due to her outgrowing her pulmonary artery).


  1. Yay Gwen! Way to stay strong little girl, we're still praying. Thanks for the update!

  2. Glad to hear things went smoothly!

    Hannah BonBon

  3. I have so many questions! :) I'll have to start doing some googling till I can talk toyou again :)

  4. We have a little fighter on our hands!

  5. I'm sorry you didn't get the news you were hoping for on the valve. :-( But praise God for her being done for now, and having a while before they should have to open her up again!! Holding her and you all, up in our continual prayers.

  6. Love you guys. Lord, bless that tiny girl.


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