Friday, March 19, 2010

In the Hospital Room

I am now a contributor to this blog. That way my poor brother and his wife can get some rest and spend time with the jewel that is Lillian.

We are sitting in the hospital room, looking at pictures of Gwenyth or entertaining Lillian. By "we" I mean Sani (Lane), Grammy (Jackie), Myers, Laura, Becca, and Lillian. Myers is picking out which pictures to post, Sani and Laura are helping Lillian with her new princess toy, and Jackie is about to head off to get some coffee and tea.

We've had a visit by a nurse names Laura who has 20 years experience with heart babies. So now Gwen has one of the best doctors and one of the best nurses!

I got to visit with Gwen last night and I have to say that the pictures don't do her justice. She has little rosebud lips and a little upturned nose like Lillian. She was very wiggly and stretched her legs out. She cried and little bit but stopped when I put more of my hand on her leg. I love her so much!

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