Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prayer Requests: The many other families here

We have been greatly blessed by your prayers.  Gwen is recovering well, and has avoided many of the roadblocks other kids have run into.  While we have been here we have met other families who haven't had as easy time as we have. There children have much more complex conditions than what Gwen did, and then on top of that they have had infections, bad drug interactions, or haven't progressed on getting off breathing support like she did.

Laura and I have had something like survivor's guilt when we realize that while Gwen is getting better by leaps and bounds, they are still in the CICU night after night, trying to juggle the rest of their families (there are 3 other families with kids around Lillian's age), jobs, and the day to day logistics of living at the hospital.  They need your prayer.

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