Thursday, March 25, 2010

Few more details

Laura and I finally opened all the cards we've gotten from our church today at lunch.  We were touched by all your kind words.  We'll show Lil her cards when she arrives after nap.

Talked to the attending doctor, who wanted to know about hypno-birthing, and told me that Gwen was doing great.  Another sign that they think so is that she is sharing a nurse with another child, like she was last night.

Talking with the nurse the reason her lungs are closing up is that she's just been laying down all the time, and not being held/moved around.  Her heart arrhythmias continue, but none in the last 15 minutes.

We have the signs that her digestive system is working great as the first of the milk is making it's way out of the body :).  I got to change the diaper :).


  1. Reading about diapers and rocking chairs is making me smile. How wonderful!

  2. Aww, such good news! And I was afk all day and didn't get it till now :)

    So does this mean you'll get to hold her more? Or do the "professionals" have to do that? :)


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