Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In the hospital room

Laura and I are in the hospital room, getting ready to spend the night. Lil, Grammy and Aunt Becca are taking a taxi back to the apartment. We are praying that Laura will go into labor tonight.

Before we came in, we stopped and had some awesome Austin style BBQ. Laura wanted to eat up since they won't let her eat in the hospital.


  1. whoa! you guys are serious about the updating!
    grammy is reading to lillian right now. she has been a little sad but pretty normal so far.

  2. Glad you got some good food!

    Lillian, Sessa loves you! Sleep good, baby girl...

  3. Yes, come to Philly for the Austin style BBQ everyone :) Good luck guys!

  4. They won't let her eat in the hospital???? What? I hope that baby comes fast.

  5. Alisha - they don't let you eat because if you should happen to need a C-Section, they want your stomach empty (like they do for any surgery). That's not the case for cases where a woman goes into labor on her own, but for breech presentations, VBACs and other more high risk situations, they want you ready, just in case. :-)

    Ugh, I remember that whole "you can't eat in case you need a C-Section" thing (both times). I don't blame her for eating up! I hope it was a great meal - sounds like it was! Prayers for a quick, easy and safe labor headed your way.

  6. Watching closely for your next update. Thinking of you...


  7. Praying for you and your family! God's peace be with you.



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