Monday, March 22, 2010

Off the ventilator

Gwen is off the ventilator, breathing on her own. She has a nasal bridge giving some extra pressure "so she remembers to breath", so there are still tubes going up to her noise. When she cries we can she actually makes noise. It's wonderful, but it jerks your heart strings that much more. This is all going on as I type, it's hard to watch.

When she came off she gave a scare because she was taking a big breath to really let out a cry. They called it a terrible 2 like temper tantrum.

Pray I can get Laura away long enough that she can eat.

(Food what's that? Laura here to add something...please pray that she can stay off the vent...they are still working on her, but so far so good. Now they will see how she does today. More watching and waiting. Again, this situation is always one step forward with the possibility of needing to go back a little. Pray that she will keep eeeking forward. At this particular moment they are giving her something to chill her out a little, or "take the edge off a little". She doesn't like all the work they are doing as they get her off the vent - who blames her? I keep hearing these little cries....poor thing...)


  1. Oh! That's WONDERFUL! I am so happy! Hope to hear she's staying off it! Praying,praying, praying!

  2. Laura, go eat! Seriously, I remember not eating when Gabe was in the hospital and I started having heart palpitations. I was living on coke and snacks from the vending machine. Not so healthy. You had a baby less than a week ago, your body needs food.

    I am so happy that Gwenyth is off the vent. They'll be pulling things out left and right very soon. It's amazing how fast it all happens! She's doing great and you are as well. Hang in there!

    Becca Chester

  3. The best thing you can do for that baby right now is take care of yourself. You have done an amazing job being there for her.

  4. Praise God!!! I was so hoping they'd get to remove the ventilator today! Hopefully she'll get to stay off. Go, Gwen!!

    Now, Laura, go eat. You gotta stay healthy and strong for your little girl. {{HUG}}

  5. She's making progress, that's what counts. Myers, be sure to take care of yourself and Laura. You guys need your strength. (Easier said than done I'm certain.) You guys are an inspiration to me and my hubby who will know all too soon what you're going through. Hugs and prayers for the Carpenters.

  6. You guys are going through so much... don't risk getting sick! Eat! Sleep! Take breaks! It's really, really, okay to step away. Especially when it feels so difficult to do so.

  7. Oh -- I am SO happy to hear that she is off that ventilator --- I was praying earlier when I read your post saying "grab that tube, Gwen!". This is so wonderful!!!!!

    It must be really difficult to eat when your stomach is wrenched from watching her get upset and you can't just pick her up and make it all better -- I have known that feeling on a much, much smaller scale....

    Your courage, determination and devotion are so inspiring and moving! I can feel the love - that incredible love that a parent has for his or her child - when
    I read your messages --

    You are pouring out all that you have- more than you even knew was in you - every fiber of your beings are invested in that little girl!

    May the Lord hold you up when you feel you can stand no longer -- and may the Holy Spirit minister to your inward beings and bring you all comfort and peace!

    Love Debbie


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