Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's a good morning

Gwen had her right atrial line and pacer wires taken out. The nurse is looking for a rocking chair so we can hold her. We'll post some pictures when that happens.

She is having some "benign" heart arrhythmias and occasionally her gagging reflexes are kicking in for reasons we don't know yet. She getting some potassium for the arrhythmias. The doctor's say neither of these things worry them.  This morning's x-ray showed that part of her left lung was closed, so we are doing more chest PT's.  She also is on all breast milk and some lipids, and no extra sugars this morning.  She is on two diuretics.

I and some other CICU parents are having vertigo. It's really odd that multiple people are having it at the same time. Pray we figure out what's going on, or that it will at least go away.

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