Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dr. Sock Monkey is IN

If you up on your Lillian lore you know there is Mr. Ultra Sound Transducer Monkey. While acting out the 20 week ultrasound that she came to, Lil would put the sock monkey up to Laura's tummy and say, "The monkey can see the baby." Turns out that he has a cousin that showed up in the mail yesterday whom we'll call Dr. Sock Monkey. You can see him now doing his rounds with Gwen.

Alisha Huber found both of these monkies roaming the wilds of her sock drawer and tamed them before sending them. They make a welcome addition to our home.
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  1. Myers, this picture made my day! I'm so happy he made it there safely. And I'm sorry you had to go sign for him--I didn't mean for it to be a nuisance, but apparently UPS has some kind of a policy about apartments or cities or something. I didn't know that until after it was sent.

    I'm so happy that Gwen is improving. She's such a beautiful baby.

  2. @Alisha: I actually had to tell them to keep the package and go across town to pick it up (which was fine because it was right next to Target). Then the lady there told me that she wasn't supposed to give it to me since my driver's license didn't match the address. It was an needed adventure.

    Thanks so much for that and the chocolates. I'll show Lil the book tonight.

  3. Debbie told the church about your blog and I am so glad she did. You have a precious child. Praise God. I pray she will continue to improve and be able to see her new home!

  4. Sooo, anything I should keep my eye out for you, Laura, at the consignment sale tomorrow??


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