Thursday, March 11, 2010

Moving Along Towards Gwenyth's Birthday

We are moving along now... The Amnio is done (thank goodness) and there is indication already that the lungs are mature, but they won't know for sure till they run the tests...but Monday is looking more and more like the day I'll go to the hospital and spend the night as they start the induction. This means that sometime Tuesday would be Gwen's birthday! Now we just wait, and wait, and wait....the call will come tomorrow or Monday.

We took Lillian and my mother to the hospital for lunch today. Lillian had fun and she is handling everything very well.

Becca's plane will arrive around midnight on Sunday, so Lil will have the best of caretakers, I know.

p.s. Just something to keep in mind - in the next few days we may also learn about DiGeorge syndrome/22q11 deletion or any other disorder from the Amnio, as the docs insisted on testing for all that now. If they cannot get results from this Amnio, we will learn for sure, after she is born. Please pray that she is free of anything else - that her issues are only limited to the heart, and there are no more complications with her heart, that nothing else is amiss.


  1. If you can get the Docs to hold out until Wednesday, she'll be a St. Patty's day baby... something to think about. Glad to hear the appt. went well.

  2. It's so wonderful to read your words. I'll be praying for Gwenyth's delivery and that the induction will unfold in the way you desire. We're praying and sending our love.


  3. Wow, things are sure moving right along! I'll be thinking of you and Gwenyth this week/weekend. We'll be at CHOP Friday for a day of testing. I'll sing a little birthday tune for Gwen as I'm lying in the MRI machine :)

  4. Thinking of you and praying for Gwenyth, as always :)

    Kisses to Lillian from all of us!

    Judah keeps asking "Can my friend, Lillian, come ovah an pyay wiv meeee??"

  5. Yay!! I hope the Amnio confirms her little lungs are ready for life on the outside. Praying with and for you. {HUG}


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